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To build and grow.

To utilize a unique blend of technical expertise and quirky creativity through the development of memorable and rewarding work. To thrive within a team and philosophy I can firmly stand behind.


WNC Magazine, 8/15 – Present — JOB: Production Manager

My main function as the production manager is to keep all efforts on schedule. By keeping open lines of communication with the editorial, art, and advertising departments, my role is pivotal in ensuring that all aspects of each issue are correctly synthesized together within the parameters of the deadline set by our publisher. Often this includes going directly to the source for fixes and touch-ups for anything from graphic design to online content management.

Ashvegas.com/Ashevillegrit.com, 10/14 – Present — JOBS: Development, Content Management and Consultation

Ashvegas and Asheville GRIT are both local culture and news sites that partnered up in 2014, and the result was ton of cross promotional advertising and event planning. My job is to advise on how to inject those efforts into an online campaign and then execute that plan with the assistance of an in-house web team. When you work for something you believe in – it never feels like work.

1Synapse Corporation,  7/13 – 9/14 — Jobs: Lead Web Developer/Systems Analyst

Managed, developed, and produced all web projects on a variety of platforms using creative solutions to meet demanding deadlines. As a tech firm, the majority of staff with myself included would also be involved in general IT  issues that could range anywhere from user management to network solutions, which was provided to a 2,000+ user-base across various clients.

Festiva Development Group,  2/13 – 7/13 — Jobs: Systems Analyst/Support Tech

Provided software & hardware support to a 600+ user-base, with the majority of tasks including issue triage, user management, and trouble shooting, As well as occasionally providing a support role for software development and maintenance which had an emphasis on web-based platforms.

Freelance Web Management,  8/11 – 2/13 — Jobs: Web Developer/Content Creation

Maintained, content managed, and developed web based projects on an individual contract basis. Including but not limited to graphic design, editorial, data entry, SEO, software, hardware and network support. Almost too much stuff to remember it all.

Asheville.com,  8/09 – 8/11 — Job: Web Content Manager

Oversaw, produced and managed all daily content updates about current and local events, as well as provide ongoing maintenance and development to the site. Another large aspect was managing and maintaining user, client and sponsor relationships through various contracts and promotions. This position had a heavy emphasis on editorial. My first baby, I’ll never forget you.

WNC Magazine,  1/08 – 8/09 — Job: Web Content Manager

As part of a team, helped design, develop and launch a new iteration and platform for WNCMagazine.com. Once launched, I was responsible for content management and routine maintenance, with a light emphasis on editorial and project management. A great learning experience with an awesome team of mentors.

U.R.T.V. Intern

I was assigned a variety of tasks and shown a number of skills in a boot camp style internship that tasked me with keeping the wheels on a public access television station. Duties included set construction, lighting setup, soundboard operation, video editing, camera operation and I even built some office furniture. I had a lot of fun doing it to0.

Special Skills

Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premier, Final Cut Pro , Fireworks, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Soundbooth, HTML, CSS, WordPress, Drupal, MS Office 365, Google Analytics, Zendesk, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux.


Bachelors of Art in Multimedia Arts and Science – University of North Carolina at Asheville Minor in Mass Communication – University of North Carolina at Asheville

About Me

Let’s take a moment for introductions.

Hi. I’m Larry. Nice to meet you.
I’m crazy, just not entirely. I like to think it’s the perfect amount of crazy. The good kind of crazy that propels my fascination to explore, create and work hard in the name of awesome ideas. I’ve been called lots of things in my career, things like an artist, technician, friend or an executive-level bro venture producer. And I’m crazy enough to know I can be all of those things at once.
So how ’bout it? Want to cook up some crazy ideas together?  Contact me.


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After Hours

It’s good to have hobbies. They help to break up the crazy.